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ILIESI Institute Lessico Intellettuale Europeo e Storia delle idee
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LIBRARY | History

The Institute’s library fund comprises circa 5.000 volumes of special interest for the history of philosophical thought, for intellectual history, for the history of cultural terminology, for ancient philosophy and for ancient Greek and classical Latin philology. The largest part of the texts are research-tools: critical editions of works, lexica and special linguistic repertoria, lexicographic and philological instruments. We are talking of works that are generally of difficult access. For facilitating use, the fund is divided among: Journals (philosophy, linguistics, philology, and informatics); Works (authors within the Institute’s research lines); Studies (monographs, miscellanies, and proceedings); Tools (thesauri, lexica; dictionaries and special encyclopedias; repertoria; indexes, and concordances). The library owns also one of the largest and specialized microfilm collection of dictionaries and special lexica in Europe’s diverse linguistic areas.

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Illness in ConText: parole di filosofia e orientamento nella pandemia
L’ILIESI-CNR contribuisce all’emergenza nazionale e globale della pandemia per covid-19 proponendo una pagina web con articoli e testi: parole di filosofia e di orientamento che tengono conto di una varietà di contesti.


Banca dati di testi filosofici dell'età moderna


Daphnet - Digital Archives of PHilosophical texts on the NET


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