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Migration, multilingualism and transmission of knowledge in the Mediterranean area

ID CNR DUS.AD001.004
Together with other initiatives and research activities promoted by the Interior Ministry, the National Academy of Lincei, the Institut of Catalan Studies of Barcelona and the University of Valencia and Lerida, the project aims to examine the relationship between migration and cultural transfers in the Mediterranean area. In particular, it intends to examine the development of plurilingualism and the phases of movement of certain literary works, in order to reconstruct the evolution of such processes and to highlight common characteristics and variations in different historical periods. The main topics of the research project are: 1) the phenomena about mobility and transmission of culture in Italy and euro-Mediterranean area in the contemporary period; 2) the phenomena about mobility and multilingualism in Italy and euro-Mediterranean area, in the past and in the present, with particular reference to the areas of the Crown of Aragon and the Crown of Spain in medieval and modern times; 3) the circulation of books and knowledge between Europe and the New World, with particular reference to the work "Mexican Treasury", published by the Accademia dei Lincei in 1651. Scientific coordinator: Maria Eugenia Cadeddu

Philosophical thought in the ancient world: texts and studies

ID CNR DUS.AD005.009
The main research activities are: (a) the history of ancient philosophy based on the analysis of the texts, particularly the fifth and fourth centuries BC, and the reconstruction of their reception and fortune in late antiquity; (b) the culture and the lexicon of the pre-Greek and non-Greek civilizations of the Ancient Near East; (c) the critical edition and interpretation of largely unpublished philosophical texts of Greek and Roman authors kept in Herculaneum papyri. The project is divided into three areas: Greek philosophy, which brings together the skills of F. Alesse and Luca Simeoni; Ancient Near East, which gathers the skills of S. Chiodi; Herculaneum Papyrology, which gathers the expertise of G. Ranocchia and M. Alessandrelli. The three areas are distinct for research methodologies but united by historical documentary background, from skills of the researchers taking part and especially from the scientific purposes. Scientific coordinator: Francesca Alesse

SATURN - Histories of ideas and cultures: archives, texts, vocabularies and terminology

ID CNR DUS.AD005.005
Activities under project cover all the thematics and the time period which is traditionally studied by the ILIESI research: the history of philosophical and scientific terminology, the implementation of digital archives, seminars and conferences related to history of scientific and philosophical ideas, and their implications on the linguistic and lexical level, including the development of multilingual dictionaries that make possible access to archives and databases. The project takes inspiration both of consolidated activities of the ILIESI (history of ideas as the history of philosophical terminology documented in the texts), as the most recent work on the implementation of digital archives and databases; also it provides for the development of skills related to the publication of editorial series and periodicals both in digital form, as in paper form. The time span of the research is very broad, ranging from studies devoted to the ancient Near East, for the reconstruction in historical comparative perspective of the intellectual world, the study of classical antiquity, with particular attention devoted to practical philosophy and semantics Aristotelian, until the Hellenistic scientific tradition, for which studies are planned on astronomy of Eudoxus of Cnidus, the Renaissance and modern studies in their relationship with the ancient and medieval tradition; the latter a decisive period for European culture, the consequences of which reach up to today. Scientific coordinator: Roberto Palaia

History of ideas and research methodologies

ID CNR DUS.AD005.010
The main research activities concern: the development of studies and research of individual interest in a free theme in the various fields of competence of the Institute; analysis and development of specific methodologies to support historical-philosophical, historical-scientific, philological, linguistic and digital humanistic research. The project formalizes in the structure of a project the research activities that researchers and technologists develop outside the formally constituted and funded projects, in which the scientific management of the Institute is divided. Responsible: Eugenio Canone

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