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Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship 703798-AcadHist

Philodemus’ History of the Academy. Groundwork for a New Innovative Critical Edition

Fellow: Kilian Josef Fleischer
Supervisor: Graziano Ranocchia
Host institution: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto per il Lessico Intellettuale Europeo e Storia delle Idee

The Project

Philodemus’ 'History of the Academy' (PHerc. 1691/1021 and PHerc. 164) contains much otherwise lost information about the development of the Academic school and its most prominent figures, from Plato to Antiochus and Aristus of Ascalon. Now, the research of the last eighteen years has shown that the last edition of this book may considerably be improved upon. This, contrasted with the current availability of pioneering techniques for reading papyri and the possibility of developing completely new and more promising ones, makes it a desideratum of the research to produce a new modern critical edition of this unique book. The primary goal of this project is to lay the foundation for precisely this new edition, paving the way for a new method of editing Herculanean texts. To achieve this goal, the supervisor will directly coach the applicant and work together with him on a daily basis in order to transfer him all the specific papyrological, palaeographical and philological competences necessary for its immediate preparation.

The Fellow

Kilian Josef Fleischer (born in Fulda, 1985) is graduated in both Classics and Economics & Finance at the University of Würzburg, Germany. There he obtained a PhD in Classics (Greek) with a dissertation about Dionysios of Alexandria’s On nature and Epicureanism in Alexandria. He was awarded several scholarships. As a graduate student, he received for one year papyrological training at the University of Oxford; as a PhD student, he spent a few months at the University of Notre Dame (US), focusing on theological aspects of his dissertation. He worked as a postdoctoral research assistant in papyrology at the University of Oxford, before he became a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow (2016- ) at the CNR-ILIESI (Rome/Naples). His research focus lies on (Herculanean) papyrology, Epicureanism, Hellenistic philosophy and Early Christian Literature. Currently he is preparing a new critical edition of Philodemus’ History of the Academy (PHerc. 1691/1021 and 164).

Public Engagement

  • K. Fleischer, Il programma Marie Sklodowska Curie per la mobilità europea dei ricercatori, presentation at the Researchers’ Night, University of Calabria (Cosenza), 29 September 2017 (
  • National Info Day on Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
  • Participation in the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, Rome, 30 January 2017


Publications in scientific journals
  • K. Fleischer, New Evidence on the Death of Philo of Larissa (PHerc. 1021, col. 33,42 -34,7), in: Cambridge Classical Journal 63 (2017) (PDF ).
  • K. Fleischer, The pupils of Philo of Larisa (PHerc. 1021, col. 34, 6-19), in: Cronache Ercolanesi 47 (2017), pp.73-85 (PDF).
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  • K. Fleischer, Bequest and funeral in Philodemus’ Index Academicorum (PHerc. 1021, col. 16, 37-45, col. S, 1-10), RhM 161 (2018) (accepted).
Presentations in conferences and seminars
  • K. Fleischer, The circumstances of the death of Philo of Larisa – Towards a new edition of Philodemus’ Index Academicorum (PHerc. 1691/1021; 164), paper read during the 28th International Congress of Papyrology, Barcelona, 1-6 August 2016.
  • K. Fleischer, Zur Neuausgabe von Philodems Index Academicorum (PHerc. 1021). Diskussion von Kol. 21,1-15 (Lakydes-Vita), presentation held at the Gräzistisches Forschungskolloquium, University of Würzburg, 10 January 2017.
  • K. Fleischer, Per una nuova edizione della Storia dell’ Accademia di Filodemo. Conseguenze e prospettive per la nostra conoscenza della scuola die Platone, Università di Salerno, 8. Mai 2017.
  • K. Fleischer, Philodemus between Egypt and Sicily, paper read at the XVII Convegno di Egittologia e Papirologia, Syracuse (Italy), 28.9-2.10.2017.
Other publications


  • K. Fleischer, Dionysios von Alexandria – De Natura (περὶ φύσεως) – Übersetzung, Kommentar und Würdigung – Mit einer Einleitung zur Geschichte des Epikureismus in Alexandria, Turnhout (Brepols), 2016 (513 pages).

    Articles in journals and conference proceedings (chronologically):

  • K. Fleischer, Die Teilung von P. Oxy. III 448, in: ZPE 172 (2010), pp. 201,202.
  • K. Fleischer, Der Akademiker Charmadas in Apollodors Chronik (PHerc. 1021, Kol. 31-32), in: CErc. 44 (2014), pp. 65-75.
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  • K. Fleischer, Melanthios von Rhodos in Apollodors Chronik (PHerc. 1021, XXXI), in: Philologus 2018. (preprint online availabe)
  • K. Fleischer, Dating Philodemus’ birth and early studies, in: BASP 55 2018. (accepted for publication)
  • K. Fleischer, Philo of Larisa, in: The Encyclopedia of Ancient History (2018). (accepted for publication)
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Open access digital edition
  • International Workshop “Philodemus' History of the Academy: Towards a New Edition of PHerc. 1691/1021 and 164”, Amalfi, 13-16 September 2017. Organizers: K. Fleischer, G. Ranocchia. Participants: F. Ferrari, D.N. Sedley, G.W. Most, M. Bonazzi, M. Hatzimichali, Ch. Vassallo, W.W. Henry, G. Verhasselt, T. Reinhardt, H. Tarrant, E. Puglia, M. Alessandrelli.
Final press conference
  • Roma, 19 giugno 2018
    Philodemus’ History of the Academy. Groundwork for a New Innovative Critical Edition (PHerc. 1691/1021 and 164).
    La nuova edizione critica dell’Index Academicorum di Filodemo a cura di Kilian Fleischer.