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INSTITUTE | Introduction

According to its mission, ILIESI carries out research in the large field of the history of philosophical and scientific ideas and related lexical structures in the framework of the European tradition from Antiquity to Early Modern Age. To this aim, our institute largely employs digital methods for the analysis and treatment of texts or textual corpora in addition to the more traditional approaches offered by philology and textual hermeneutics. Combining these various research approaches, i.e. history of ideas, lexical analysis of texts, and digital Humanities, has always been a distinctive feature of ILIESI’s activities, which made it a unique case in the scholarly landscape at the international level.

The Institute’s outcome includes critical essays, text-editions, data‐bases and textual platforms, lexical analysis, and the edition of indexes, concordances and lexica as well. In recent time, new research lines in specific areas have been added to the institute’s portfolio, such as those in the field of papyrology (often related to the interdisciplinary methods of archaeology of writing), in various aspects of migration studies, in the study and lexicography of neologisms in contemporary Italian, in the safeguarding of cultural heritage in situations of serious risk or danger (of natural or anthropic origin).

ILIESI publishes three series of volumes (Elenchos, Lessico Intellettuale Europeo, ILIESI digitale) and two journals («Elenchos», «Lexicon Philosophicum»), while offering its scholarly patronage to the journals «Bruniana & Campanelliana» and «Aristotelica».

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Sud chiama Nord. Parole e Immagini Sottosopra.
Laboratorio gioco per bambini

Roma, Fiera Più Libri più Liberi (La Nuvola), 8 dicembre 2023

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Elenchos. Journal of Studies on Ancient Thought
Anno 44-2023, Fascicolo 2


PIETRO D. OMODEO, Reflections on the Transformation of Cosmological Concepts in Renaissance Naturalism
IOLANDA VENTURA, Aristotelian Vocabulary in Silvestro Mauro’s Aristotelis Opera .


12 December 2023, 3PM CET Time

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Bellezza, grazia e bontà nella trattatistica d’amore e di comportamento rinascimentali

Roma, Villa Mirafiori, Via Carlo Fea 2, 14 dicembre 2023


MARTIN LENZ (University of Groningen), The "Irresistible Contagion of Opinion": Hume's Medical Model of Sympathy
JAMES HILL (Charles University), Berkeley and the Threat of Solipsism.

Session 1 - Solipsism and Otherness

Thur. 18 January 2024, 4 PM - CET Time

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FABRIZIO BALDASSARRI (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia), The Mind of Plants: Vegetal Cognition in Pre-Modern Times
JAN PURNIS (University of Regina), Cannibalism and Early Modern Theories of Mind.

Session 2 - Solipsism and Otherness

Thur. 8 February 2024, 4 PM - CET Time

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DANIEL HEIDER (University of South Bohemia), Suárez on the Involuntary Attention in Angelic Locution SIMONE GUIDI (CNR-ILIESI), Seeing the Other through the Self: Solipsistic and Sociable Angels in Early Modern Scholasticis.

Session 3 - Solipsism and Otherness

Thur. 22 February 2024, 4 PM - CET Time

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