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Infrastructures and digital tools for humanistic research and the history of ideas

ID CNR DUS.AD004.015
Scientific coordinator: Cristina Marras

Philosophical thought in the ancient world: texts and studies

ID CNR DUS.AD005.009
The main research activities are: (a) the history of ancient philosophy based on the analysis of the texts, particularly the fifth and fourth centuries BC, and the reconstruction of their reception and fortune in late antiquity; (b) the culture and the lexicon of the pre-Greek and non-Greek civilizations of the Ancient Near East; (c) the critical edition and interpretation of largely unpublished philosophical texts of Greek and Roman authors kept in Herculaneum papyri. The project is divided into three areas: Greek philosophy, which brings together the skills of F. Alesse and Luca Simeoni; Ancient Near East, which gathers the skills of S. Chiodi; Herculaneum Papyrology, which gathers the expertise of G. Ranocchia and M. Alessandrelli. The three areas are distinct for research methodologies but united by historical documentary background, from skills of the researchers taking part and especially from the scientific purposes. Scientific coordinator: Francesca Alesse

Intellectual networks and cultural institutions

ID CNR DUS.AD005.017
Scientific coordinator: Maria Eugenia Cadeddu

History and contemporaneity of cultural terminology

ID CNR DUS.AD005.019
Scientific coordinator: Roberto Palaia

Le parole e le cose: temi, testi e figure della filosofia tra prima età moderna e contemporaneità

ID CNR DUS.AD005.020
Scientific coordinator: Pina Totaro

Public engagement, comunicazione della ricerca e attività istituzionali

ID CNR DUS.AD005.021
Scientific coordinator: Enrico Pasini

Tangible and intangible cultural heritage

ID CNR DUS.AD017.145
Scientific coordinator: Silvia Chiodi

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